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3/8 oz Spinnerbaits Double blades

The wires are black. I have switched to a lazer sharpened hook instead of a plain hook. I know a lot of guys don't use trailer hooks so i went with a hook with a longer shank to increase your hook up percentage. Our skirts are hand tied on with stainless steel wire instead of being held on with a rubber band.

I use hammered blades  because I believe they reflect more light in different directions to attract more fish. The double blades all come in Willow blades which are two longer, thinner, hammered blades.


Prefer a single blade? Check out the Single blade 3/8 oz spinnerbaits.

Best sellers: White, Chartreuse, Black, Red and White
My favorites: Lime and Chartreuse, Orange

Add on a Trailer Hook to make sure you don't lose that prized catch!

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