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Here are just a few of our satisfied customers and their prize fish. Please feel free to submit picture of your catches so we can add your picture to our site. If you submit a picture, please include: length and weight of the fish, the approximate location it was caught, and which one of our lures was used, and color. 

Richard Elliott caught a couple pike that were searching for bait fish on the Black Crappie Realistic Bait Image Spoon


Kathryn and her friend Paul had a busy day on the water! Here is Paul holding up Kathryn's  36"+ Pike caught on a Black/White Pike & Musky Taker


Jordan Drury caught this 44 inch, 22 pound Pike on a lake near Parry Sound. He caught it on the Red/White Pike & Musky Taker.

Jack Sprague is at it again! He caught this bass on a White Flash fishing Houghton Lake. Not a bad way to start the day!


Chris McGill has the Brown/Yellow Flash working for him! He caught this 4.2 lb bass in the Whitewater Region of the Muskrat River where his dad took him as a kid.


Here is Kyle Nead starting bass season off right. They got into 40 fish in a tournament in Lake St. Clair. The White Big "Bass"tard was the lure of choice! These fish weighed in at 4lbs 6oz and 4lbs 1oz

Terry Nead also caught some monster bass on the White Big "Bass"tard. His weighed in at 3lbs 13oz, and 4lbs. A great start to bass season!

Bob Novak caught this 23" Southern Illinois bass on a White Hatchet blade.

Brent Bochuck of Fish NV helped brothers David and Phillip each catch their first musky on a Lime/Orange Pike and Musky Taker. Below is David's first Musky:

And Phillip shows off his first Musky:


Sean Foster, The Buzz Bait King, holds up a 56" musky that couldn't resist the topwater splashing of his Red/White Metal Buzz that he caught in the Ottawa River.

Julia McKay needed some help holding up this pike she caught in a canoe. They had to borrow a net to get it in the boat. She caught it on a White Double Blade.

Jack Sprague is back at it showing off a big bass that couldn't resist a Camo/Craw Flash.

Scott LeFever shows off a nice bass he caught on a Chart Lizard Skin with Fishhead blades.

Here is Nick Cordingly holding up a nice pike that he caught on a Black/Gold Pike & Musky Taker.

We are proud to introduce the newest member to our Pro Staff, Matthew Saieva. He's a multi-species angler, and has been kayak fishing lately. Be sure to follow him on FaceBook for more great pictures. Here is a sampling of what he's caught so far on our lures.

This one was caught on a Yellow Perch spoon:

Below is another pike that Matthew caught on a White Quad Blade:


And another nice pike that fell to a Black/Orange Pike Bite:

Two of our Pro Staffers, Alex and Eric Savage placed second in the Lake Muskoka pike tournament. If you're into Ontario pike fishing, check out their website. They host one of Ontario's biggest pike tournaments. Below is Alex holding their prize winner caught on our lures.

Below Mark O'Byrn shows off another nice pike that he caught on our lures. This one was over 35" long.

Here's a testimony from Jason Spooner showing off a beauty: "Good morning, I have been using the Musky Grub all season and they are amazing lures.  We fish alot of pike and musky in Sioux Lookout area, and this lure works very well up here.  I caught a 40" pike yesterday and took a great photo with the Musky Grub. Thanks again BlackFly Lures !"




Eric Savage has his hands full with this 40 inch Musky that was caught on a Red and White Big 'Bass'Tard.

And here he is with a 36 inch musky that was caught on a Lime and Chart Flash.

Not to be out done is his brother Alex Savage showing off his muksy and wearing one of our Hoodies.

Blake Tyas holds up a 19 inch, four pound smallmouth he caught while being guided by Brent Bochek of FISH NV. That big bass was caught on a Brown and Yellow Flash.

James Welsh is all smiles with his first 50" muskie that was caught on a Hatchet Blade.

Below is Mark O'Bryn holding up a 40 inch massive pike that won him a Top 50 event in Parry Sound

Below is Rick Watson holding up a bass that fell to a Black Double Blade.

Below is a Jason Clark holding up a big pike that couldn't lay off a Red and White Metal Buzz while fishing in Shadow Lake.

Here are some pictures of Steve Smith of Verona, Ontario showing off some mammoth sized bass he caught on our 3/8 oz spinners:


Below is RIchard Elliott Jr. holding up a bass that he caught on a White Triple Blade. Be sure to follow Richard on to see what he is up to.

Here is Brad Ethier holding up a 4.1 pound smallmouth that couldn't resist the Red/Black Lizard Skin with Rippled blade.

Below is William from Acton holding up a giant largemouth bass on Lake Scugog that weighed in at 4 pounds! This bass fell to a Red/White Pike & Musky Taker.

Here is Eric Savage with a pike caught on a Lime/White Double Blade.

Below is Gilles Trudel showing off a 39 inch pike that fell to a Blue Double Blade.

Above is Alex Savage holding a bass he caught using the Orange Flash.  Below is another bass he caught on a Black and Orange Flash.


Above is Dave Beckett holding a pike he caught on a Lime/Orange Triple Blade during Percy's Reach Classic Pike tournament.

Above Ian McCleary shows off a musky that he caught on the Ottawa River outside of Renfrew on a White Pike & Musky Taker. Below is Ian holding up another musky caught near Victoria Harbor in Georgian Bay on a White and Orange Pike & Musky Taker.

Dale Lewis of Sunset House, Alberta holds up a 26 pound pike he caught on a Firetiger Big 'Bass'tard. Below is Dale's friend with a 10 pound bull trout that he caught on a Red/White pike bite.

Here is the wife of Gavin Hill holding a pike caught on a Pink Flash.

Barry Bylow hoists up a pike he caught in Honey Harbor trolling a White w/Silver skirt Pike & Musky taker.

Above is Matt Hartnagle holding a couple pike that fell to an Orange/Chart Flash on a lake in Northern Quebec.

Above is J.D. Hartnagle, son of owner Steve, holding a pike caught on a Chart 4 blade w/clacker in Algonquin park.

 Here is Camden Winters showing off his 23 1/2" brown trout caught on a Red/White Pike Bite

You don't need to be a professional angler to use Blackfly Lures, below is a nice pike caught by Barry Bylow and his kids on an Orange/Chart Flash.

 Above is Mitch Duhaime with a pike caught on a 3/8oz spinnerbait

Above is Yvan Michaud holding a huge musky that was caught on a White Musky Grub.

Here is owner Steve holding a pike caught on a Red/White Triple Blade in Pointe au Baril

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