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Pickerel Perfection Coating Mix

Pickerel Perfection Coating Mix
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This fish coating mix is perfect for shore lunches. It is easy to use, and delicious to boot! The package offers deep frying instructions but there are other ways to use it. I personally like to pan fry it. First off, I dredge the fillets in flour until there is a light coat, then I dip it into an egg wash (eggs and a shot of milk) then I coat the fish in Pickerel Perfection. With oil heated in the pan I put the coated fillets into the pan until the outside is crisp, and the fish is white and flaky. 

A second way to use this mix is to make a beer or other soft drink (ie. soda water) batter, seeing as you likely have it on the shore anyways. This is a quick, easy way to fry up some fish. All you have to do is pour some beer or soda water into the mix until it is about the consistency of a pancake batter. You can dredge your fish in flour before if you want, it will help the beer batter stick to the fish, or you can just go ahead and dip it in the batter. With the batter covered fish you can then deepfry it or panfry it. For panfrying cook until the coating is crisp and the fish is white and flaky.

Now the only thing you need is to find someone to finish the beer! 

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Pickerel Perfection Coating Mix
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