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Pike & Musky Taker

These can be trolled or cast for great results. Made with .051 stainless steel black oxide wire. The black wire gives it a more natural appearance in the water. Armed with a 7/0 hook imbedded in 1 1/8 oz. head, then a 7/0 trailer hook attached. The hooks are hidden under an alluring skirt of rubber with silicone highlights.

Here you can see the trailer hook:

After many small changes over the years I believe this to be the lure I am most proud of.

Pike and Musky Takers are available with select Colorado blades. Below you can see how the Colorado blades look on a Red/White Pike and Musky Taker.

Best Sellers: Red/White, Black/Orange, Black/Chart

My Favorites: White/Silver Skirt, White/Orange


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Dark Green/White w/ Silver Blade
Dark Green/White w/ Silver Blade
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