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Big ‘Bass’Tard Flash Firetiger


Our 3/4oz spinnerbait with flash skirting is sure to be a big hit on the water. They run a bit deeper, and are built to target larger fish. Bring your camera when you tie one of these on!

A 3/4oz spinnerbait is a great size to add to your repertoire. It will let you get a bit deeper in the water column where the big fish like to hide. Our Big ‘Bass’Tard is large enough to target trophy fish, and it isn’t too big to cast for hours on end.

We used a thicker gauge wire to hold up to those big fish you’re sure to catch. To make sure your skirts last longer, we use stainless steel wire to tie the skirts on. These 3/4oz spinnerbaits have flash skirting so they give off extra reflection, and add lots of color.


If you want to go bigger, check out our 1 1/8oz Pike & Musky Takers.



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