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The Haymaker is a double #8 blade inline spinner that packs a punch! If you fish pike or musky, you better have a few of these ready. They are a smaller presentation than our double #10s, so you can burn them faster and get that reaction strike!

A must have for hunting Pike or Musky!

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Do you fish pike or musky? Add a few of these to your cart! The Haymaker is the perfect size for a day of musky fishing. With the smaller #8 blades, they are easier to cast and retrieve over and over. After all, musky are the fish of 10,000 casts!

The blades still create a vortex, and strobing skirts you are accustomed to with the double 10s, but you can burn them faster. You want to trigger a reaction strike in both pike and musky, so you want a fast retrieve. The Haymaker moves less water, so you can burn them cast after cast!

From the blades to the tip of the 5/0 treble hook, the Haymaker measures in at 8″ long. The beads and body balance out the weight at the back so stay level cutting through the water.



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