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Ice Fishing Package


We put all your ice fishing favorites in one spot! Whether you’re fishing deeper, you want to mimic bait fish, or you’re fishing live bait, the Ice Fishing Package has you covered!


The Ice Fishing package is a must have when you hit the ice. We have put together a few of our most popular lures to drop down the hole. Whether you’re fishing perch, walleye, or pike, this kit has what you need.

If you’re fishing shallow, the Hatchling Retro replicates bait fish, but is packed to the gills with hooks. These tail spinners are sure to draw them in with the red blade fluttering while you jig it. The Instigator is designed to get deeper in the water column. At 3/4oz it will get down and into the face of those deep fish, and stir up a strike. The Quick Strike Rigs are perfect for using live bait. One hook in the head of the minnow, and the adjustable one in the tail. With a 90 pound, red coated leader, so it will stand up to that big pike bite!


Check out our other Tackleboxes for open water, and if you need some extra warmth, our hoodies make a great middle layer!


The Ice Fishing Package includes:

  • 1 Crappie Instigator
  • 1 Goby Instigator
  • 1 Black/Chartreuse Hatchling Retro
  • 1 Orange/Chartreuse Hatchling Retro
  • 1 – 12″ Adjustable Quick Strike Rig with 2/0 hooks
  • 1 – 12″ Adjustable Quick Strike Rig with a #2, and a #4


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