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Designed with the help of Peter Yeung, this 3/4oz  spinnerbait is meant to get deeper and into the face of your target. You can cast and retrieve it, or you can drop it and jig it, with the blades fluttering to instigate that strike. This pattern is great for lakes that have perch as bait fish.

Who ever said you can’t use a spinnerbait for ice fishing has never used one of these!

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The Instigator is a 3/4oz spinnerbait built on the same frame as our 1/8oz Little Guys. This unique spinnerbait was designed to go down a bit deeper while keeping a smaller presentation. These have a Colorado blade so you can use a nice, slow retrieve and you still get that thump that is sure to instigate a strike.

The heavier 3/4oz spinnerbait lets you get deeper in the water column and get down to your prey. Once you are in their space, they can’t help but hit it. You can use the Instigator to cast and retrieve, or you can jig it. Drop it down and bounce your line to get the blade fluttering and you are sure to get bit.

Great for ice fishing, drop one of these down the hole and get your arm workout! The Instigator works for: lake trout, walleye, and anything else that is a bit deeper than a normal spinner will go.

Take a look at the Crappie and Goby patterns, and get all three bait fish patterns!

Blade Option

Brass Colorado, Brass Willow, Silver Colorado, Silver Willow


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