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Metal Buzz Black/Orange


There’s not much more exciting than a good top water strike! It can be so exciting watching that follow that some people look away on retrieves so they don’t go to set the hook too soon.

Our 1/2oz buzzbaits are one of the few that have closed eyelets which is especially important for top water fishing. This prevents lame retrieves where the line rides up the arm and drags back to you.

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Sometimes referred to as the ‘heart attack lure’, due to the shock of having the water explode on one of these top water lures, sometimes only a few feet from the boat. A common mistake made with these Buzz Baits is trying to set the hook when the water explodes. Wait until you feel weight on the line, then set the hook.

Our 1/2oz buzz baits are one of few that have a closed eyelet, so your line doesn’t slide up and down the arm, which is important for the top water retrieve.

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