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Musky Grub Chartreuse


You probably haven’t seen something like this before! All the best elements for catching musky combined into one lure. Double #10 blades, a real bucktail skirt, and a 10″ grub make this a favorite targeting that trophy musky.

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These lures have a unique profile in the water. Whether it is the Double #10 blades, the real bucktail, or the 10″ grub, you’re getting the best of each world and a whole lot of action!

Coming in at 13 inches long, the Musky grub has two different hook systems to make sure you hook up. Inside the grub are two 7/0 Eagle Claw hooks. In case they strike around the tail, there is a 5/0 treble hook connected through a wire hidden in the grub body.

Blade Option

Silver, Gold


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