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Olympian Hades


Rethink what you know about double 10 inline spinners! The Olympians have tapered blades, which means they still move a lot of water, but the are easier to throw, and faster! Pick up a couple of these, your shoulders will thank us!

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Do you want to throw big baits, but don’t like how your shoulders feel the next day? Tie on an Olympian! You get the big water displacement and vortex of standard double 10 blades, but the tapered Olympic blades make them easier to throw!

Not only that, but you can reel them in faster, so you’re more likely to get that reaction strike!

Measuring in at 10 inches, and weighing 2.9oz, these are fit for a Greek god! Built on a .062 gauge wire and equipped with two 5/0 treble hooks, these are sure to be a new favorite!


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