Pike & Musky Taker Wonderbread - Blackfly Lures

Pike & Musky Taker Wonderbread


Take your favorite pike and musky lure, and now add these iconic colors and you’ve got the best thing since… sliced bread.

This pattern has been as hot as a toaster element, and now you can use it to reel in that monster pike or musky. Just don’t try to make a sandwich with it.

These were made in a small batch, so get your before they are gone!

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The Pike & Musky Taker has put a lot of fish in the boat! They are big enough to be trolled, but not too big to cast.

These have a heavier gauge wire than our other lures, but they still have the trademark black coating. The heavier wire holds up to big bites from trophy fish, but it still gives enough flexibility to have the #7 and a #5 blades vibrate in the water.

We pulled out all the stops on our 1 1/8oz spinnerbait; the Pike & Musky Taker. They come armed with a 7/0 Eagle Claw hook and trailer hook, covered in a rubber skirt with silicone accents that flare out, while still adding the flash and colors, that are hand tied with double stainless steel wires. So you know these aren’t designed to catch the little ones!


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