Scallop Blades Red/White - Blackfly Lures

Scallop Blades Red/White


These 1/2oz spinnerbaits are sure to be a staple in your tacklebox! The ridges on the edge of the blades give off a different vibration than a standard willow blade to draw the fish in, and an extra long bleeder skirt that they won’t be able to resist.

They are a favorite with pike anglers with that pop of color from the bleeder skirt. Watch the action in the water and you’ll see why!

With ridged blades and an extra long skirt, our Scallop Blade spinnerbaits have it all! We use hammered blades that reflect a ton of light and the scalloped edges give off a unique vibration that your prey hasn’t see before.

Made with a 1/2 oz bullet head, they will run deeper than other spinnerbaits. They are dressed with an extra long bleeder skirt that adds a pop of color that looks like wounded prey. Hand-tied with stainless steel wire over top of the red hook, these skirts aren’t going anywhere.

The combination of the scallop blades and the bleeder skirts will be too much to resist! You’re sure to land some monsters on these! With that long skirt, be sure to add trailer hooks to your order so you don’t get short strikes.

The Scallop Blade spinnerbaits are not available in stores, they are exclusive to our website. Make sure you add a few of these to your order!


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