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The Big Bass Box


There’s nothing like variety when you’re bass fishing, and this tacklebox is filled to the gills with variety. There is a lure for every situation in there. If you’re just getting into bass fishing, a big variety of spinnerbaits is a great place to start!

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If you’re serious about bass fishing, this bass box is for you! It’s got natural colors, bright colors, all kinds of blade types, including our signature Hatchet blade spinnerbaits. There are also different sizes of lures, so you can run deeper, shallow, even top water with buzzbait. You will have more than enough variety to fish any type of water, and it all fits neatly into the tacklebox.

The Big Bass Box includes:

  • 1 Large Tacklebox
  • 1 Fall Craw Big ‘Bass’tard
  • 1 Camo/Craw Flash
  • 1 Black/Blue Flash
  • 1 Peanut Butter Jam Flash
  • 1 Pink/Blue Lizard Skin
  • 1 Chartreuse/Orange/Lime Lizard Skin
  • 1 Lime/Orange Triple Blade
  • 1 Copper Triple Blade
  • 1 Silver Metal Buzz
  • 1 Chartreuse/White Quad Blade
  • 1 Ghost Hex Series
  • 1 Purple/Orange Double Blade
  • 1 Blue/Lime Double Blade
  • 1 Black/Chartreuse Single Blade
  • 1 Orange/Chartreuse Single Blade

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