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The ULTIMATE spinnerbait


Our social media followers voted on what makes the best spinnerbait, and this is what they came up with. Don’t agree? Follow us on Instagram and let us know what colors and blades you would pick!

These were a small batch, so get them while they last!


To make the Ultimate spinnerbait, we asked our social media followers to vote on each component, and this is what they came up with!

We asked our followers to choose what components they prefer. We voted on what color hook, what weight the head should be, what color the head should be, what color skirt, what type of blades, and what color beads.

This 1/2oz Black/Purple body has been hot for the past couple of years, and our Hatchet Blades give off an unbeatable thump, and they’re even better in the Blood Blade!

If you want to see how it played out, head over to our Instagram page and see the results for each component.

We only made a small batch, so don’t wait to get yours!


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