Flash (Hatchet Blade) - Blackfly Lures

Flash (Hatchet Blade)

Our signature offering, the Flash is a unique spinnerbait. Weighing in at 3/8oz these are a versatile lure, and will catch all kinds of species.  Like all of our spinnerbaits, the skirts are hand-tied with stainless steel wire to hold up to the biggest strikes. Equipped with a red Eagle Claw 5/0 hook to trigger that predatory bite. Dressed with silicone skirting, they will withstand whatever you throw at them, and it adds more colors.

The main attraction of the Flash is the unique Hatchet blades. The distinctive curve of the blade gives off a ton of flash as it cuts through the water, while it also gives off a thump that the fish haven’t experienced before. These lures work well in pressured waters because of how different they act in the water, and when no one else is getting hit, you’ll be filling your bucket!

Once you try these, it is hard to go back!