Hatchling Retro - Blackfly Lures

Hatchling Retro

These 3/8oz Spinnerbaits have a distinctly shaped head that cuts through the water leading the way for natural colored skirts that will lure in that trophy fish. The double Colorado blades give off that extra thump in the water, and are great for a slower retrieve. Let these sink down before you start bringing it back, and make full use of those slow churning blades.The Hatchling Retro is a 3/8oz tail spinner with a Blackfly Lures take! Designed with the help of Matthew Saieva, they look like a perfect bait fish snack, with a bit of a throwback feel.

You can use these for ice fishing, or in the open water. When using our tail spinner on the ice you can jig them up and down. The flutter throws off vibrations from the blade, and some flash. Customize your lure by picking the blade color! The red blades are plastic kicker blades that will have more action, and trigger that predator instinct. The metal blades give off more reflection and more thump.

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