Lizard Skins - Blackfly Lures

Lizard Skins

The Lizard Skins were developed for some long time customers who were looking for something a bit heavier than the traditional 3/8 oz spinnerbait. We listened and came out with these 1/2 oz spinnerbaits that give your cast a little more distance, and a little more depth so you can fish them a bit faster.

The half ounce bullet head has rubber skirts with printed lines to give it a scaly, lifelike appearance. These have one Colorado blade and one willow blade, this gets you the best of both worlds. You get a quicker spin and more flash off of the willow blade, while you still get that thump off of the Colorado blade. You can choose between blade finishes: the Ripple blades that reflect light in different directions, or the smooth nickel Fishhead blades that feature  3-D eyes for a more realistic look, or double willow gold rippled blades.