Tournament - Blackfly Lures

Blackfly 2023 Photo contest

This year we are having a photo contest, and we want to see your best Blackfly Lures pictures! 

Just submit your themed pictures, and get entered for a chance to win a shopping spree!

July 1st to 15th: the theme is My Blackfly collection. What we are looking for here are pictures of your lure collection, your stickers, your hats, and shirts etc. Don’t be afraid to get creative! 

July 16th to 30th the theme is Blackfly in action! What we are looking for are net pictures, beside the boat pictures, or our lure in the mouth. Think of the fish, don’t keep them out of the water too long! Please don’t switch out the lure for the picture. Not cool. 

Feeling artsy? From July 1st to 30th category is Scenic Blackfly. Sometimes we get skunked, even using our lures, and that is part of what makes fishing great! 

While sunset pictures usually mean that you struck out, but now they can win you a prize! Snap a picture casting into the sunset, or up against some trees. Get creative! But make sure you are throwing our lures! We’ll know!

It’s easy to enter!

To enter, post the picture on your Instagram/Facebook and tag @blackflylures and we’ll do the rest! If you don’t properly tag us, we can’t count it!

Don’t use social media? Send your pictures to:

At the end of each period, a winner who has followed the theme will receive a $25 shopping spree on our website! 

How to win:

 Limit of 6 entries per person, so pick the best ones! Images must feature Blackfly Lures products, and no copyrighted material. Winners will be randomly selected at the end of each period. One win per person

Winners will be randomly selected, and receive a $25 coupon for Not redeemable for cash. Chances of winning vary depending on entries. Bonus entries may be awarded for creativity. All entries are subject to being shared on social media