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Blackfly 2021 online Tournament

Fishing trophies for Blackfly Lures 2021 tournament

To celebrate our 20th year in business, we are hosting a few online tournaments! It is easy to participate, just catch big fish and send pictures! Make sure you stock up on our lures so you can catch some monsters!


All three categories are open and running until October 29th, 2021! You can win for the biggest bass, the biggest pike, or the biggest musky!

There are two parts to the tournament. The Biggest fish part, and the random draws. 

To win the biggest fish:

  • You have to send a picture of the full fish on an unaltered measuring device
  • a picture with the Blackfly Lures 2021 Fishing tournament printout (See below)
  • the LONGEST fish in each category wins a prize pack, a trophy, and most importantly, bragging rights.
To win one of the draws:
  • Submit entries into the biggest fish contest (email or social media with the appropriate tags)
  • Get a bonus entry if there is proof it was caught on a Blackfly Lure (picture in the mouth or video)
  • Winners will be randomly drawn periodically  throughout the tournament
  • Prize packs will be announced before the draw

Send the pictures to [email protected] with the subject line: Blackfly Lures Tournament, tag @blackflylures and #blackflylurestournament on Facebook and Instagram. Let us know which lure and color you caught it on!

A winner will be announced in all three categories on October 29th, 2021. This allows people to have time to get out, and get involved. Since it is such a long time period, we are going to add periodic draws based on entries into the tournament. So get your pictures in! They count as an entry in the draw, so don’t wait! If your picture has a picture of a Blackfly Lure in the mouth of the fish, you get a bonus entry. And keep an eye on our social media and emails to see when the draws are. 

Now the good stuff!

In the Pike category you win:

  •  The Biggest Pike Trophy with your name on it
  • one of our Pike Packs with all the essentials for pike fishing

In the Bass category you win:

  •  The Biggest Bass Trophy with your name on it
  • one of our Bass Packs with all the essentials for bass fishing
In the Musky category you win:
This is a first for us, so  if we missed anything, or if you have any questions, reach out!
Respect the fish, don’t keep it out of the water longer than it needs to be, snap a quick picture to satisfy the criteria above, and get it back into the water. Hold them safely to make sure they can swim away. If there are any questions of authenticity, our panel of judges will decide if it can be entered. Fish caught in another tournament can be entered ONLY if they are caught on Blackfly Lures. Musky includes any hybrid musky species. Bass includes Smallmouth, Largemouth, and any other subspecies.

Print out the tournament sheet below for the pictures, or save it to your phone so you can put it beside the fish while you take a picture. 

Any pictures submitted could be used on social media, or our website, so please include your Instagram or Facebook handles in the email.

Since this will be across many fishing zones, and areas, you have to comply with your local laws and regulations about what is in season, sizes, and catch and release. Only legal fishing techniques are allowed, check the rules and regulations, and public health guidelines. We reserve the right to disqualify any entries.

Blackfly Lures bears no responsibility for you not following local laws and regulations, or public safety measures

Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy your time on the water, and sharing your catches!

Save this picture and print it:

2021 fishing tournament